Welcome to MuniMarket.com

“Think of this as ebay for the Muni Markets”

The first exchange platform for Municipal Market bid-wanteds. Bondholders needing a bid connect with investors wanting to bid.

Avoid broker, dealer and trader spreads, and get the best price.

How It Works

Post your Municipal Bond in the tables provided. MuniMarket.com acts only as the platform. The original idea was to have your broker present your Municipal Bond to the exchange. For now, however, we allow any investor to present and post their Municipal Bond bid-wanted.

At the end of the bidding period, your broker (where your bonds are held in account) and the winning bidder's broker will write the trade tickets.

If your broker refuses to write the ticket, then the SEC will have to prove they really care about a more efficient Muni Market

Contact us : MuniMarket@live.com

Contact Information

Feel free to direct all inquiries to: MuniMarket@live.com

Update April 2015

The previous phone number for MuniMarket.com and MuniAdvocate.com of (415)922-7870 has been shut down.

Please contact us via the email listed above while we are setting up a new phone number.

Thank you.